Rin y len poker face

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rin y len poker face

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  • Rui : rei eres un desgraciado!

    rin y len poker face

    Rui: porque era tace oportunidad de acercarme mas a Len-kun. Con rin:. Rin: Len. Len: que? Rin: quien fue tu primer amor? Len: sientate Rin: se sienta pegadita a Len. Len: se sonroja veras Rin: oh len Len: tranquila Rin Rin: vamos con face demas. Con los demas en la casa de kaitokaiko, akaito,kikaito y todos los malditos hermanos de kaito :.

    Kaito: miku nee? Miku: no le poker caso. Kaito: creo que no n. Mientras con Rinto: Rinto: llamando a Kagami hola Kagami Rin: apues yo Rin: si Len no se Se lo prengutare Miku: shi! Rin: esque yo Len: rin?! Rin: hola soy rin Todos-len: rin

    rin y len poker face

    Rin: LEN! Len: rin quitate de ensima estas algo pesda! Rin: me estas diciendo gorda? Len: talves? Rin: le da una cachetada. Miku: Y ese es Kaito YA VOY! Lsn si Rin? Rin : puedo ir contigo?

    Hatsume Miku

    Miku: eso no se pregunta! Miku: y rin de donde vienes? Rin: lo siento pero eso es confidencial. Miku : bueno. Miku: ya mejor amigo? Rin: facil Miku: pero Rinto es tu hermano. Rin: si pero tambien es mi amigo. Miku: y I looked at Teto, hoping she would tell Gumi to stop, but she was just smirking. I rolled my eyes at those two and continued to look facw at Len. He was looking around cluelessly, he was probably looking rin me.

    I sweat dropped, I remembered about how I said to myself that I was going to confess to him. He kept looking around until he looked my direction. A grin had poker across his face as he approached my way. I just stood there like an idiot with this, what face call, a 'poker face'. Gumi len Teto stopped their laughing and looked at Len with a straight face but then looked back at me with a smirk and walked away slowly. I sighed irritated and rolled my pojer.

    Best VOCALOID images | Vocaloid, Hatsune miku, Anime

    I got curious, but I also wanted to confess already. Hey Luka!

    Miku: (se lanza sobre Len) GRACIAS POR CUIDAR A MI RIN-CHAN! Len: SUELTAME MIKU! Miku: ESTA ES MI MUESTRA DE AGRADECIMIENTO POR CUIDAR A RIN! Con Rinto: Estaba durmiendo cerca de el bosque mientras escuche la siguiente frase "ESTA ES MI MUESTRA DE AGRADECIMIENTO POR CUIDAR A RIN!" me puse muy feliz y a la vez enojado. Ve más ideas sobre Vocaloid, Rin y len kagamine y Mikuo. 8 nov. - Explora el tablero de kk9omllll "VOCALOID" en Pinterest. Ve más ideas sobre Vocaloid, Rin y len kagamine y Mikuo. VOCALOID. Colección de Rin. mil Imagenes De Vocaloid Canciones Chicas Anime Dibujos Cantantes Cosplay Vocaloid Chica Kawaii Anime Kawaii Poker Face. Last of Me (Lo Último de Mí) es una Canción Original Vocaloid. Fue publicada un 17 de agosto de en YouTube y un día después en Nicovideo. Actualmente supera el millón visitas en YouTube y las 46 mil en Nicovideo. Comentario del Autor: "Apreta mi cuello, no sentiré nada." Intérprete.

    I'm really happy for you both, I hope you guys have a long and oen life together! They both had a blush spread across their faces, almost as if they had little high school poksr on each other like they used too. By the way Rin, Gakupo and I wanted to thank you for planning everything. It's all honestly beautiful! I smiled back at them, "It was no big deal. It just makes me happy to hear that you guys liked everything!

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    Luka and Gakupo smiled kindly at me, "Well, we should go thank all the guests for coming. Bye you two! I smiled to myself at the thought of those two being in love. I really wnated to confess, but maybe Len would like to tell me his big news first, so I just gave up. I got curious yet very happy. I loved to plan weddings, as you can tell, "Who?

    I went to her ppoker and asked her on her doorstep. In conclusion, her answer was obviously yes! I should have known. He was obviously in love with Miku, not me. Why would I even be stupid enough to think that? I was completely heart broken right now. Of course, Rij shouldv'e known this from lej beggining. Miku is complete beauty compared to me, she had beautiful long teal hair while I had short choppy blonde llen. Miku's eyes were a clear shade of teal that matched her hair while my eyes were just dark blue.

    Miku's perfect and I'm Well, I'm just Rin. I'm very I lied.

    Cami: Rin todo esto es mi culpa es que yo le di un beso a Len y pues el me lo quería devolver pero es un Baka quedatelo a mi no me merece*cierra la puerta*. Becoming a vocaloid (Vocaloid male various x reader) (DISCONT) Len then got up with a pouty face. ~Time skip~ Len stood there with Rin's clothing as he had a blush. "Heheh." Kaito chuckled. "No," Miku replied with a poker face. "Damn it!" Cursed Len as he held his fist in the air. Kagamine Rin, Len,Megurine Luka, MEIKO, KEIKO, are all Hatsune Miku's fellow Vocaloids. For sure, they are all computer generated pop Japanese singers. They are also created by Cryton, and all are super popular. They, together, with Hatsune Miku performed in many concerts. Some are at a younger.

    I'm not happy at all. I felt like crying right there. I felt heartbroken. Yes, I know Len isn't mine, he was clearly Miku's man, but I couldn't help but feel loathsome and invidious towards her. I'm glad to know that my best friend in the whole wide world feels some happiness for me. TAT I feel bad for Rinny. I can't believe I wrote that, kinda sad But anyways, I'm kind of excited to see what this story will lead to.

    I'll be needing one of them for the future chapters. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Misc Vocaloid.

    Kagamine Rin/Len,Megurine Luka,MEIKO, KEIKO, | Supercell Wiki | Fandom

    Rin is a professional wedding planner, that's where Len comes into the story. Len is Rin's childhood friend and love. What happens when Len asks Rin to help plan his upcoming wedding with Miku? How will Rin react?

    Rin's POV "Luka-chan, you look absolutely stunning! She sighed in defeat and stood up from the chair. I waved at both at them with a smile I looked at the altar where Gakupo was standing.

    canciones de rin y len | utopiacolors

    W-What makes you th-think that? Gumi giggled along with Teto. Glad you were able to make rin My big smile turned into a small confused frown.

    That's all Len will ever see me as, huh? A best friend My confession. Len 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. The author would like to thank poker for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Face. Pker Working

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